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Dec, 2016

2016-12-22 (Thu.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
Applications of statistical surrogate models in climate modeling

Dr. Po-Lun Ma

2016-12-21 (Wed.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
A Spectral Element-Immersed Boundary Method for Fluid-Structure Interaction Problems

Mr. Li-Chieh Chen ( Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University )

Nov, 2016

2016-11-25 (Fri.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
Acoustic Impedance and the Control of Sound Waves

Prof. Lixi Huang ( The University of Hong Kong )

2016-11-23 (Wed.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
Quadratic Adaptive Algorithm for Solving Cardiac Action Potential Models

Prof. Min-Hung Chen ( National Cheng Kung University )

2016-11-16 (Wed.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
High-resolution modeling of human and climate impacts on global water resources

Dr. Yoshihide Wada ( Columbia University, USA )

2016-11-09 (Wed.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
High-resolution simulations of cylindrical gravity currents in a rotating system

Prof. Hsi-heng Dai ( Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering,

Tamkang University )

2016-11-02 (Wed.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】】
Modeling of tidally driven circulation and exchange in the Dongsha Atoll

Dr. Shi-Ming Chen ( Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical Sciences, National Taiwan

University )

Oct, 2016

2016-10-05 (Wed.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
Direct Modeling of Nonlinear Acoustics Propagations in Thermovicous Media

Dr. Manuel Diaz ( National Health Research Institutes (NHRI) )

Sep, 2016

2016-09-21 (Wed.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
Dynamics of Sessile Drops

Prof. Chun-Ti Chang ( Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University )

2016-09-20 (Tue.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
Unified mean-field theory from ionic liquids to dilute electrolytes

Prof. Nir Gavish ( Technion - Israel Institute of Technology, Israel )

2016-09-07 (Wed.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
Numerical Investigation of a Vertical-Axis Wind Turbine Using the Immersed Boundary Method

Prof. Hsieh-Chen Tsai ( Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University )

May, 2016

2016-05-11 (Wed.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
Finite difference Schemes on stagger grids for Navier-Stokes Equation

Prof. Yin-Liang Huang ( Department of Applied Mathematics, National University of Tainan )

2016-05-10 (Tue.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
Computational modelling of brain transport phenomena: application of multicompartmenta

l poroelasticity

Mr. Dean Chou ( University of Oxford, UK )

2016-05-04 (Wed.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
Application of weather forecast model in windfarm operation and current deployment status of offshore windfarm in Taiwan

Prof. Chih-Yu Kuo ( Research Center for Applied Sciences, Academia Sinica )

Apr, 2016

2016-04-27 (Wed.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
Variabilities and Interactions in the Land-Water-Climate Nexus

Prof. Jiang Feng Wei ( University of Texas at Austin, USA )

2016-04-13 (Wed.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
Simulations of the Shock Waves and Cavitation Bubbles during a Three-dimensional High-Speed Droplet Impingement based on a Two-Fluid Model

Prof. Yang-Yao Niu ( Department of Aerospace Engineering, Tamkang University )

2016-04-12 (Tue.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
Miniaturized Bioanalytical Devices

Prof. Chien-Fu Chen ( Graduate Institute of Biomedical Engineering , National Chung Hsing

University )

Mar, 2016

2016-03-30 (Wed.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
Recent advances and applications of the generalized finite difference method

Prof. Chia-Ming Fan ( Department of Harbor and River Engineering, National Taiwan Ocean

University )

2016-03-23 (Wed.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
The fundamentals of Density functional theory and its evolution in modern computational


Prof. Chao-Ping Hsu ( Institute of Chemistry, Academia Sinica )

2016-03-22 (Tue.) 【應用數學與應用力學專題演講系列】
Introduction to Two-Phase Heat Transfer Component Technologies and Applications II

Prof. Chien-Chih Yeh ( Industrial Technology Research Institute )

Feb, 2016

2016-02-02 (Tue.) 【Painlevé VI equation and Middle Convolution】
Painlevé VI equation and Middle Convolution

Dr. Xuexiu Zhong ( Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical Sciences, National Taiwan

University )

Jan, 2016

2016-01-28 (Thu.) 【CASTS Talk】
Vortex dynamics and kinematics by means of the Lamb vector and its properties

Dr. IlYong Ryu ( Center for Advanced Study in Theoretical Sciences, National Taiwan

University )

2016-01-15 (Fri.) 【CASTS Talk】
My viewpoint of building a 2P- HPC platform in NTU

Dr. Pradeep Gupta ( HPC & Deep Learning Solutions Architect , NVIDIA, USA )